Fast Car

Ah, my beloved Dieter…yes, he’s named for the Mike Myer’s character from SNL.  He even has his own monkey!

Dieter’s monkey

Dieter is a 1998 Porsche Boxster (black/black/biege).  I bought Dieter in May 2003, becoming his third owner at 55k miles.  I’m not one to avoid driving the car to put miles on it (unlike my wine-hoarding tendencies), so he’s up to about 80k as of November 2006.  I’ve taken him up the coast of California, as well as through the desert to Phoenix.  I love this car!

Dieter on the coastDieter in Yosemite

I have two words for anyone thinking of buying a car like this with higher mileage on it–EXTENDED WARRANTY.  Dieter came with one from the private seller I bought him from, and that was fortunate.  I’ve had a number of large repairs done to the car since that point and it saved me a lot of money.  It’s still been worth it, though!


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