Posted by: Kim | September 30, 2008

Sunrise without smoke (finally!)

Ahh, finally a morning here without smoke from the forest fires that have been burning for weeks.  Once I looked out the window this morning, I knew I needed to jump on this opportunity.  I threw some sweats on, grabbed my camera and headed outside.  And yes, this is the view to the east of our house.  Doesn’t suck, huh?

The grind of getting ready for inclement weather continues.  The insulation underneath the mobile has been replaced and DH has been helping my dad cut and split wood so that two houses can make it through the entire fall and winter on wood stove heat.  The ironic part is that last night’s low was 66 degrees and it’s now 92.  It sure doesn’t seem like fall is here.

I’ve been slowly working on finishing my sister’s (now late) birthday gift.  I’ve got the seaming done and am now completing some knit trim that needs to be sewn on.  Once I get it to her, I can finally post my project summary here.  On the side, I’ve been studying the Oregon driver’s manual to take my driver’s license test this week.  It’s so weird to think that I’ve been driving for over 25 years and I’m studying for this test!  I would have gone into the DMV to wing it, but I took the practice test online and wouldn’t you know that I missed 2 out of 10 questions, so I barely passed.  So, there are apparently enough differences between California and Oregon that I need to read the book first.  Yuck!

Well, off to lay very still (no AC in here) and read the manual…



  1. So pretty!

  2. Awesome picture! Get ready for some Beaver football action tonight!

    Love, Muff

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