Posted by: Kim | September 17, 2008

Getting settled in a new state

My first blog post after selling our house in San Diego only took me about five weeks to write.  Are any of you readers still out there?

To recap our moving adventure to date, here’s what you’ve missed (you know, this is kind of like rejoining a television showing after the summer break–you get the “previously on…” intro here).  We closed escrow on our house on August 12th.  While it took 13 months to find a buyer, we were REALLY happy to sell our home to a young couple who really loved it and couldn’t wait to move in.  Between my dad, DH and Kato, they managed to move all of our stuff to Oregon while I had the luxury of driving to Phoenix for my mom’s wedding.  But, paybacks are a bitch, as they say.  They had unloaded everything and I got to sort through all of it when I caught up to them on the Oregon end the following week.  Yikes!  We haven’t bought a new home yet, as we’re taking our time to look around for the right place.  In the meantime, we’re living in a vacant double-wide mobile home on my parent’s property.  The last couple of weeks were spent paring down our belongings to fit into a space that is half the size of our previous house.  Everything else is going into storage either in the barn or in a storage unit in town (yes, in town–we’re now that remote).  Even Dieter has his own storage unit, as he isn’t exactly built for country living and three miles of gravel roads.

The other fun part we’ve been adjusting to is being on the hairy edge of technology availability.  Back in San Diego, we had broadband for internet, cable TV and great cell signal.  Where we’re located now…well, we do get cell signal.  The best spot is on the front porch at four bars.  The minute you walk inside the house–gone.  So, we now have a cell phone signal booster unit on order to help out inside the mobile.  The local cable provider does not come all of the way up the road (not enough residents to make it financially feasible), so we knew we were going to have to go the satellite route for television.  DirecTV was the obvious selection so that we could sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket and avoid Chargers withdrawal.  But what to do about internet?  My parents just switched from dial up to satellite access last year, so that was an option.  My vote was to be more mobile, so we picked up a card from AT&T for the laptop that anyone could use.  Yes, you know the commercial–they have a guy standing in remote places and he keeps finding the internet, right?  That silly series of tubes–you can’t hide from AT&T!  Well, I can tell you that they didn’t film that commerical here!  The card went back to the store the next day and we signed up for internet with Wild Blue.  And as of September 5th we were connected to the outside world again…

The dishes and DH

The dishes and DH

I never thought living without television and internet during two political conventions and hurricane season would be so trying!  And that’s DH in the background doing his best “Wilson” imitation while putting up trim around the new windows that he and my dad put in a couple of weeks ago.

All in all, it’s been a fun adjustment and we’re glad we’ve finally made it up here.  I’m planning on keeping up to date on the silly little stories of getting adjusted to a new home in a new state.  Granted, I did grow up in this town, but I haven’t lived here in 25 years, so I may as well have been brand new here.

Just to give you an idea of how beautiful it is here, I’m closing with a photo I shot from my parent’s front yard the day after I got into town.  I’ll post more once the air clears around here–we’re still experiencing alot of smoke blowing into the Rogue Valley from forest fires to the northeast of us.

Rainbow to the west

Rainbow to the west



  1. Sounds like you are settling in pretty good!

  2. Welcome Home!

  3. *Everybody SING*
    “Heyanana, Life in a northern town…” ok, you ARE a little remote for that….drive into town and then sing it.
    What about the nifty sweater you knit for your sis? How did that turn out? (or, was that supposed to be a surprise?)

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