Posted by: Kim | August 10, 2008

Escrow update

Just thought I’d try to sneak a post in while the house is quiet to let everyone know that we’re nearly done with escrow.  The house closes on Tuesday (12th), and we need to be out by the 15th.  DH and Kato are doing a run to Oregon today to drop off an extra car, and bring back my dad to help drive and a trailer for DH’s Harley.  So, I get to pack the house over today and tomorrow to be ready for the Budget truck we pick up on Tuesday.  The transition out of our home is looking really obvious right now.  All of the walls are clear of the framed stuff, there are boxes in every room of the house, and the garage is a mess.

I did my own run last weekend to Oregon, as I had to drive Dieter up so I could get him into storage.  We’ll all be crashing at my parent’s place while we try to find a place to buy around the Southern Oregon area.  I have to say it’s strange to be going home—when I was 18, I couldn’t wait to leave and now I’m really looking forward to going back!

I’ll try to sneak one last post in this week before we lose our wonderful broadband internet connection.  Since my parents live outside of even cable’s reach, we haven’t yet decided how we’re going to get online while we’re there.  In the meantime, I upgraded my phone this week to a BlackBerry Curve so I can at least get my e-mails.

Well, off to get the house packed up!



  1. I really like to read blogs like yours, I hope the packing goes well, drink your gatorade! (Or whatever energy solution you are using that would enable such a colossal task!)

  2. Ohhhhh so that means you closed?!?!!!?!?!? YAY!!!

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