Posted by: Kim | April 14, 2008

Too much heat and cleaning

I haven’t had the energy to post the last few days thanks to the Santa Ana blast of heat that we fell victim to this last weekend here in San Diego.  I was going to post about the Lady Eleanor stole, but I just didn’t have it in me to handle Noro Silk Garden, nor brave the heat outside to take photos of it.  I talked to my sis out in Minneapolis on Saturday, and here’s how the conversation went:

SIS:  “I woke up to 3″ of snow on my yard last night and I’m freezing!  Man, when is this winter ever going to end?  I’m sick of it, and it’s April!”

ME:  “Wow, it’s 96 degrees here today, and we’re trying our hardest to not turn on the air.  And it’s only April!”

SIS:  “Can you send 10 or 15 degrees of that my way?”

OK, it was something to that effect (apologies to my sis for the paraphrasing, but I think she’ll agree with the gist of it).  The worst day was Sunday, when our temperature read 101 degrees on the front porch.  Ugh!!

Plus, our house is still on the market (if any of you are keeping track, you can wish me a “happy 11-month anniversary” in about a week).  We had an agent preview the place on Saturday, then another one came by today with a client, so I’ve been cleaning like a madwoman.  Not that the place wasn’t already clean by everyday standards, but going through this—imagine living like you need to be ready for the white glove inspection ALL OF THE TIME.  Yes, I am going on a cleaning strike when this place sells.  The thing that keeps me going is that the potential buyer traffic has picked up over the last 6 weeks or so.  We only need that one…

The good news is that the weather is cooling now, so I should be getting back to Lady E and will post about it very soon.

BTW, we opened a very nice 2004 Del Rio Vineyards Viognier tonight from the cellar.  Very refreshing after a 90 degree day and cleaning!



  1. Hope you are feeling back to normal soon!

  2. Oh yuck… 11 months?! I’m just now getting ready to put our house on the market and am stressed enough as it is. Have you sold your home yet?

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