Posted by: Kim | April 4, 2008

Winter FO Tour – Day 7

Friends, we have finally arrived at the end of the tour!


Felted Needle BagFelted Needle Bag button closeup

Pattern: Felted Needle Bag, by Adrienne Thomas

Source: Fleece Artist kit

Yarn: Fleece Artist Kid Aran (50% Wool, 50% Kid Mohair) in Aubergine and Gold

Needles used: Clover Takumi bamboo straights, US 7 and 9

Project start date: January 2008

Project end date: January 2008

Notes: This kit was a Christmas gift from my best friend, Muff (thanks, Muff!). I swear, other knitters always know the coolest things to get you!

The construction of the bag was straightforward. The body is perfect TV-watching knitting, as there is a lot of stockinette in one color, knit flat. You then P/U stitches on the end and decrease to form the circular ends. I did make one minor change to the pattern. It calls out for you to knit the handles one half at a time, then graft them together. Since I already had the live stitches on a holder where the handle attaches to the bag, I chose to knit the entire handle then graft the end to the bag itself.

I also made one major mistake by reading the directions too quickly regarding the finishing steps. I missed sewing some of the end seams completely and felted the bag before I caught the error. (See a pre-felting photo in Flickr here.) After I pulled it out of the washer, then re-read the directions, I realized what I had done. Using the strength of Wonder Woman, I managed to sew the edges shut with a tapestry needle and more Kid Aran, then refelted the bag long enough to felt my stitches. Luckily, Kid Aran felts beautifully and you can barely tell what I did.

This bag makes a great place to store my straight needles, and I really liked the pewter embellishing button that came with the kit. It allows you to sew your own pattern with yarn before you apply it. It’s a great way to dress up the bag.



  1. I have never tried felting! I will have to put this on my list!

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