Posted by: Kim | April 3, 2008

Winter FO Tour – Day 6

A couple of items knit for others…


Ribbed Hat

Pattern: Skip, by Cathy Carron

Source: Hip Knit Hats, by Cathy Carron

Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted (100% merino wool), in Charrua, just under 1 skein

Needles used: Addi Turbo circular, US 10, and double-point needles, US 10

Project start date: January 2008

Project end date: January 2008

Notes: I knit this hat with the leftover yarn from her lounging socks that I made for Christmas. Since it’s straightforward K2/P2 ribbing, this project was QUICK to finish (about 6-7 hours). I thought I had enough hats in my closet, but making this one really tempted me to buy more Malabrigo for my own head!


Ein Freund ScarfEin Freund Scarf detail

Pattern: My own

Source: Individual cable patterns from Cables & Arans Harmony Guide published by Interweave Knits

Yarn: Zitron Ecco (100% superwash merino wool), in color 124, 6 skeins

Needles used: Clover Takumi bamboo straights, US 6

Project start date: January 2008

Project end date: February 2008

Notes: This was a special request by Kato, the roommate, as he is freezing during his work trips to Canada. I chose to give it a German name as a nod to his heritage.

The pattern consists of mirrored left & right panels of Filled Oval Cables, a center panel of a Criss-Cross Cable with Twists, all separated by Slipped Wavy Cables. Stitches are from the Cables & Arans Harmony Guide.

The Zitron Ecco was a perfect choice for cables, as it has springy qualities similar to Karabella Aurora – it really made the cables “pop.” Now to the negative. Wash your swatch!!! This yarn stretched a lot when I wet blocked this scarf, which caused me to have to machine dry it on low to get the original sizing back. For a superwash, it does wash beautifully though, with minimal blooming.



  1. Love your hat and scarf!

  2. I LOVE the hat. Super cool colors. nice work on both.

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