Posted by: Kim | March 28, 2008

Winter FO Tour – Day 2

(In case you actually noticed, I missed posting my tour yesterday and this should have been Day 3. Let this be a lesson to me that I shouldn’t slack on the house cleaning since you never know when you’ll get a call from a real estate agent for a viewing with 2 hours notice. Then I had an appointment to drink a couple of pints with some other Oregon State alums, so by the time I got home, I was in no mood to write about felting.)


Rainy Day Bag

Pattern: Vintage Bubble Bag

Source: Pursenalities, by Eva Wiechmann

Yarn: Lion Brand Lion Wool Solid (100% wool) in Midnight Blue (2 skeins), and Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair (57% acrylic, 28% mohair, 9% cotton, 6% polyester metallic) in Glacier Bay (3 skeins)

Needles used: Addi Turbo circular, US 10.5 and US 15

Project start date: January 2008

Project end date: January 2008

Notes: OK, there I was standing in the yarn section in Michaels itching to felt something. I didn’t have enough of anything feltable in my stash at home. I was really yearning to make clogs, but I hadn’t purchased that Fiber Trends pattern yet, it was the weekend, and I needed immediately gratification. So, why not knit a bag? I can always use a bag!

Using the Moonlight Mohair was definitely an felting experiment with the metallic involved. I’m pretty happy with the way the bag felted, although the mohair component required me to shave the bag after drying so you could really see more of the detail.


Felted Clogs

Pattern: Felted Clogs (AC-33), by Bev Galeskas

Source: Fiber Trends

Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted (85% wool and 15% mohair) in Charcoal Grey (3 skeins)

Needles used: Addi Turbo circular, US13

Project start date: February 19, 2008

Project end date: March 3, 2008

Notes: I did get to fulfill my desire to make some felted clogs about a month after felting the bag. I’ve really enjoyed wearing these around the house. My feet are never cold! I do have to watch myself on the Pergo floor at times, since I didn’t put any skid stuff on the soles, but so far no spills.

The pattern is something I would never had been able to dream up in years, so it’s worth the price. The finished clogs were HUGE when I put them in the washer, and it took at least 30 minutes to get them felted to the right size (nothing is worse than putting sopping wet wool and mohair on your bare feet every couple of minutes. They also took forever to dry! The yarn was a great choice, but every once in awhile I need to pull a “hair ball” out of them due to the mohair content.



  1. phew!!!!!!

    i just caught up with ur FOs.

    love the boot sox.

  2. I love my felted clogs and so do the people I have knit them for. I have found that the Lamb’s Pride wears waaaay longer than the Cascade 220 because of the mohair content – so it’s worth a little hairball now and then again. I bought the suede foot thingies for my recent pair of moccasins but they have not worn as well as I thought they would and they also allow me to see all the crap from our floor that gets stuck to the bottom of them…I would rather not know that and probably will just buy gripy thingies next time. Yours look great!

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