Posted by: Kim | March 26, 2008

Lots of FO’s over the next week

Part of taking a hard break from blogging about knitting is that you don’t end up sharing your completed projects with the world.  With three months off, I figured I had some built-in stuff to post about for a couple of days before I started talking about WIPs or any other ramblings.  So, I grabbed my coffee this morning and went to my Projects page on Ravelry to organize myself.  I sorted by “date completed” and oh my…there were more than I thought.  Apparently I wasn’t suffering from knitter’s slump during my writers block!  Eleven items.  Wow — that caught me by surprise.

In order to not spend the next two weeks on this, I grouped some of them together and I believe I can get through these in a week.  In fact, I want to get this done in a week, as I’m itching to talk about my Lizard Ridge status (yup, I’ve been making major strides on that beast), as well as the new project I started this week and one in the queue that will start in April (that should be a clue for you lace knitters).

Ok, on with the show…


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