Posted by: Kim | March 24, 2008

Doctor, I think I feel a pulse!

Yes, I’m still alive.

Every day since my last post in December, I’ve thought about the fact that I hadn’t been keeping up with my regular visits to this little corner of the world.  And each day would tick on by, with no desire to write.  Not even about my knitting projects.  Sure, I’ve been keeping my Projects page on Ravelry up to date, but there I don’t have to actually write anything.  Update a progress bar here, select a different status from the drop-down list there — no commitment of words.  On reflection, I think it’s safe to say that the well was dry.  And I know I haven’t been the only one out here feeling this way.  I’ve seen similar thoughts from others that I read.

And let me tell you, I took this LOA to the limit — I even dropped off READING my blog subscriptions.  Each day my Google Reader glares with the growing number of unread blog posts on my iGoogle homepage.  Man, I have to hand it to you guys.  You are prolific.  How do you keep it up?  I’m now to the point that I need to decide whether to slog through the catching up or just move forward clean.

Not much has changed since I left all of you out here in cyber land.  The house is still for sale (nine months and counting); I’m trying to keep busy cleaning as if that buyer is going to walk in the door at any minute, but I’m sure you’d understand the loathing I’m developing for the vacuum and cleaning sprays.  And I’m normally a neat freak!  (You know, maybe if I wrap the pugs in Saran Wrap, they won’t shed on the floor anymore.  What?!  I’m just saying!)

If you’re one of the few that stuck with me by not deleting this little blog from your RSS feed reader during my unscheduled sabbatical, thanks.  I appreciate the faith.  Now that spring has arrived, I’m feeling more back to normal and ready to write again.



  1. three words darlin.
    mark. all. read.

    just start fresh 🙂

  2. Welcome back! We missed you!

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