Posted by: Kim | December 31, 2007

Bias Shawl #2 project summary

Mom’s Bias Shawl - rearMom’s Bias Shawl - detail

Pattern: Bias Shawl

Source: Handmaiden kit

Size: 16″ x 60″ (after blocking)

Yarn: Handmaiden Rumple (100% silk) in Paris, one hank (100g/300m)

Needles used: Clover Takumi bamboo straights, size 10

Project start date: November 7th

Project end date: November 20th

Notes: This shawl was my “secret project” during November, as I was making it for my Mom’s birthday. I love the colors in this yarn so I have to admit to coveting this shawl and nearly keeping this for myself! As with the last Bias Shawl I knit for a gift, I found that the finished length was shorter than the pattern anticipated, but it was plenty long enough once it was blocked.

As a side note, I did have a tough time identifying the colorway of this hank in the kit. I ended up getting help through Ravelry members and sent an e-mail to Handmaiden with a photo to confirm it. For this reason, I would really endorse the LYS owners to write the colorway name on the yarn tags.



  1. It’s very beautiful! Nice work.

  2. sopretty.

  3. Yes, this is “mom”. I love this shawl. It is the envy of my senior citizen community. My daughter can also visit the shawl when she comes to see me.

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