Posted by: Kim | November 24, 2007

Muir Shawl project summary

Muir shawl - rearMuir shawl - front

Pattern: Muir Shawl, by Rosemary Hill

Source:, Fall 2007

Size: 26″ x 83″ (after blocking)

Yarn: Crystal Palace Kid Merino (28% kid mohair, 28% merino wool, 44% micro nylon) in Sage (5448), five balls (25g/240yd each)

Needle used: Addi Turbo Lace circular, size 6 (24” length)

Project start date: October 15th

Project end date: November 21st

Notes: I love this shawl! The pattern is beautifully done with enough open work to emphasize the leaf detail, as well as simple enough to memorize after enough repeats (I think it took me around 8 to get the rhythm). I will admit to not being a fan of the picot detail on the side edges in the beginning, but after I blocked the shawl, I think they do a wonderful job of adding visual interest to the garter stitch borders.

This was my first time knitting lace with laceweight mohair and I would be lying if I didn’t say it was frustrating to tink back when I had errors. I used a lifeline (which I did use once), but I usually caught any mistakes within a couple of rows. Oh, but how those rows sucked to undo! I think it was still the best choice for this garment, but I’m really looking forward to my next project using worsted weight!

If you’re considering knitting a rectangular lace shawl, I highly recommend this pattern.




  2. That is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!

  3. That is gorgeous!!

  4. omgeeeez! it’s fan-friggin-tastic. gr8jobkim!

  5. Totally fabulous!!!

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