Posted by: Kim | October 31, 2007

Quiet October closeout

I have to say that the events of last week served to sap all of my energy to do anything. Knitting, cleaning, blogging—it all sat in a big pile. DH flew out for his pre-planned visit with family in Kansas City last Thursday (luckily the airport never closed during the fires), so Kato and I sat around waiting for the smoke to clear so you could leave the house. On Sunday we took a drive up I-15 to Escondido for snacks at Macaroni Grill. Seeing the burn areas where the fire jumped 8 lanes of freeway was shocking in itself. After we finished up, we took an impromptu drive up through San Pasqual Valley to Ramona and Santa Ysabel where the Witch fire started. It was numbing to see miles of fire damage, let alone structures that we knew from our drives to Julian that were now memories. I had my camera with me, but I couldn’t bring myself to take photos. It seemed so disrespectful to those who are now having to recover from this disaster. Needless to say, it was a sobering day.

Monday brought cooler temperatures and clearer skies, so I was finally motivated to try to clean the house. The main lesson we learned from the Cedar Fire in 2003 was DON’T CLEAN TOO EARLY! It’s amazing how long the ash takes to settle and you just end up cleaning your patio and floors over and over again. There was a decent layer of fine soot in the backyard and the floors needed to be mopped in all rooms. DH came back home that afternoon and things were getting back to normal.

As I said before, knitting was taking a back seat the last week. I did manage to squeeze out three squares so far for donation to the blanket cause. I also picked up my Muir Shawl again and managed to eek out a couple of pattern repeats. It’s moving slowly as I’m using laceweight mohair and the pattern repeat is a 32 row block. I am very happy with the progress, though! On the left is an overall shot from this morning after completing the fifth repeat. The pattern close-up on the right shows the leaf detail. Thanks to the lighting, these do not look like the same project! The more accurate color would be on the left.

Muir after 5 repeatsMuir leaf detail

All of our holiday decorations are already packed up and moved to Oregon (don’t you like our optimism?), so I don’t have any current photos for you, but here are some of the pumpkins that we carved last year for our front porch. Happy Halloween!

2006 pumpkin one2006 pumpkin two

2006 pumpkin three2006 pumpkin four



  1. Relax and re-gather your energy……

    Our thoughts are certainly down there with everyone.

    Happy Halloween! >^..^<

  2. Take some time to re-coup. Hang in there!

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