Posted by: Kim | October 24, 2007

San Diego fire update

Smoky sunsetWell, our community out in East County looks like it will be spared on this go-around. The smoke in the air last night left us with a beautiful sunset. Disturbing how something so ominous can create such colors, isn’t it? The worst we are experiencing today is more smoke in the air and drifting ash. There is also the comforting sounds of helicopters traveling over and near our home almost constantly, as we live very close to an airfield being used as a staging location. There was quite a sight of military helos moving southeast as a group toward the Harris fire this morning. They look to need the assistance out there today, as the winds shifted back to an onshore flow. This is pushing the fire back into areas already burned or previously threatened on Sunday & Monday.

While we were fortunate to escape property loss in this disaster, many were not as fortunate. Our local paper are reporting nearly 1,300 homes lost since Sunday in the San Diego area alone. We, as well as many others, have good friends who have been evacuated and are still waiting to find out if their home was destroyed. It is so heartbreaking.

I do want to let others know about a group in Ravelry that was started yesterday to help take donations of 8″ knitted or crochet squares for blankets for fire victims. If you already belong to Ravelry, please look for the group called San Diego Fire 8″ Squares Donations. For non-Ravelry members, please check out the blog entry at Hook & Needles blog here for more information. Any help is appreciated!



  1. that’s so scary!!! stay safe out there!!!

  2. […] knitting was taking a back seat the last week. I did manage to squeeze out three squares so far for donation to the blanket cause. I also picked up my Muir Shawl again and managed to eek out a couple of pattern repeats. […]

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