Posted by: Kim | October 22, 2007

Santa Ana conditions + Fire = Shot Nerves

This was the view out of our window looking north at 8am this morning. Lots of smoke…

Witch Fire 2007 smoke

As I’m sure many are aware, we SoCal residents are under assault from numerous brush fires. Here in San Diego, there are seven active fires, with two of greatest concern. The Witch Fire caused Ramona (to the NE of our location) to be fully evacuated last night. At 5am this morning, we awoke to Rancho Bernardo to the north under evacuation. All we can sit here and do is helplessly watch the news and follow the progress in our Thomas Brothers map guide, praying and hoping that many of our friends are not losing their homes. They’ve now extended the mandatory evacuation to Scripps Ranch, which is the same area that burned in the infamous Cedar Fire on October 25, 2003 (yup, nearly four years ago to the day). This was the scene on that evening from our home, shot looking north just like the photo above. The blur was from the lack of a tripod.

Cedar Fire 2003

We were really hoping that we wouldn’t have to experience another 100-year fire ever again in our lifetime.



  1. BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. scary and terrifying – it’s not a very safe feeling place, this state… I’m hoping that they are able to get it under control soon – stay safe – and visit my blog to do some serious thinking – I posed the question – what 5 things do you take out of your house when they knock on your door and tell you it’s time to leave?…

    be safe!!

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