Posted by: Kim | October 7, 2007

Tangled up with Tuscany

As I was dorking around in Ravelry this afternoon, I realized I had not posted in over 10 days.  Yikes!  The last week has been spent slugging it out with the widest part of the shawl (and sorry, no pictures today).  I’m now in the middle of the 10th repeat, so the end is near.  But now I’m suffering from the mental distraction of thinking of the next project.  I fear that if I don’t stop everything and focus, the Tuscany may not be done before the end of the month.  And there is a very real possibility of this—I spent my Ravelry time reviewing my Queue page.  Damn them that I can actually have a real list of the exciting new projects I haven’t started!

OK, time to get back to the salt mines.  Muir and Beady Bed Socks will have to wait.



  1. LOL Ravelry is a curse and a blessing lol

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