Posted by: Kim | September 27, 2007

Burning some stash for awhile

Well, they set an all-time record for repair turnaround at the Porsche dealer. I got a call from the service advisor that Dieter was ready to go late this morning. Wow! Good thing that DH stayed home from work today (he suffered a sports injury last weekend), so he could take me up to get the high-maintenance wanker beautiful performance machine and his pet monkey. While I was hoping for a busted hose clamp or cracked hose, it turned out to be more serious—the water pump was failing. (“Oh, so that would explain the rattling I heard, as well as the coolant fluid spraying all over my engine compartment,” she said in a girly-girl voice.) Sum total of damages = $911. Ouch! Ok, guess no Lady Eleanor or other treats for awhile; I’ll be eating away at the stash for entertainment. And it’s too late to take my iPod back (as if I would). Well, it was nice driving him back with the top down, so I’d better continue to talk nice to him and wash him and pet him. Maybe he’ll hold up for awhile before the next surprise.

Tuscany Shawl progress 1I’m moving along on the Tuscany Shawl. For those of you familiar with the pattern, my repeats are up to four now. I started it up in Seattle this weekend. I had flown up there on the sly on Friday to surprise Muff for her birthday. And man, was she surprised! Her friends were sneaky enough to set up a wine bar trip in the afternoon, where I joined her at the table while she was blindfolded. When the blindfold was removed and she saw me, she screamed at a pitch that I thought was sure to shatter every glass in the place. Yes, it was well worth the trip! We did a small amount of yarn groping at Village Yarn & Tea on Monday before I left, but I was well-behaved and only bought a Rowan pattern book for a project for my stash yarn (yup, must have seen that Porsche bill coming already).

I haven’t had much time for knitting since I came home on Monday night. We actually have a party that wanted to see the house for a second time on Tuesday, and I had a lot of chores around the house that needed to be done. I’m hoping to get back to the shawl tonight so I’ll have a bigger WIP project picture for the next post.


  1. $911??!!! wowserz! hope you have a sufficient stash, girly.

    maybe santa will bring some yarn-ish gifts.

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