Posted by: Kim | September 26, 2007

Scraping the spare change jar

You know, I was going to write a post about my surprise trip to Seattle this last weekend, but I just can’t think straight right now. I just got home from the local Porsche dealer to have Dieter’s coolant leak fixed and I finally saw a car I cannot live without. And mind you, I’ve been going to this dealer for four years—I even got to check out a Carrera GT when they had one on the show room floor. But this one…it’s perfect.

Limited Edition Boxster S exterior

Yup, that’s orange and black—Oregon State colors! The one at the dealer is No. 23 of 250 made. Oh man, I never thought I’d want an orange car, but there is something about this one that’s calling my name. All 296hp of it. The design and color just screams 911 GT3 influences. I’d even overlook that the model at the dealer had the Tiptronic package (mine is manual—I’m a purist). The interior is gorgeous as well. The seats, steering wheel and stick shift boot are covered with Alcantara, a faux suede material that feels awesome on your hands. The gauges are finished in silver, and they’ve even managed to tuck two cup holders into the dash above the glove box.

Limited Box S interior steeringLimited Box S interior stick

Now if I could only scrape up enough change around this house to buy it…



  1. My dad LOVES the Boxster!!! LOVES IT! LOL That is ONE NICE CAR!

  2. Back away from my change drawer……

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