Posted by: Kim | September 21, 2007

Vintage Bubble Bag project summary

Vintage Bubble Bag

Pattern: Vintage Bubble Bag

Source: Pursenalities, by Eva Wiechmann

Yarn: Rowan Tapestry (70% wool, 30% soy) in Rustic (174), 2 balls; and Cascade 220 (100% Peruvian Highland wool) in Thyme (9428), 2 hanks ( I had leftovers of each)

Needles used: Size 10-1/2 and size 15 circular needles (24″), and size 10-1/2 double-pointed needles

Project start date: late March
Project end date: early April

Project cost: Not saying. It’s a gift and the recipient reads this blog (Happy Birthday, Muff!)

Notes: Ok, first off—the yarn was an experiment. I really was looking to use the Silk Garden with the Cascade (as called out in the pattern), but the LYS I went to didn’t have any. So, I gambled on the Rowan Tapestry. What I discovered after felting this bag is that the shrinkage was MUCH more than expected when I gave up that non-felting fiber content of silk. This bag actually came out the size of a small purse, which wasn’t too bad in the end.

VBB detailThe other thing I really like with this yarn combination is the subtlety of the colors. I tried to do my best with this photo, but I don’t think it does the detail enough justice. The browns in the Tapestry show through the green, and the nubby texture is pretty cool.  I’d probably try this combination again for felting the future.


  1. I peeked in the gift bag last night that contained this last night–M. hadn’t opened it yet. It was, as usual, gorgeous!

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