Posted by: Kim | September 20, 2007

Lady of the Lake Cardigan project summary

Lady of the Lake frontLady of the Lake back

Pattern: Lady of the Lake cardigan

Source: Kit from Fleece Artist

Yarn: Fleece Artist Kid Aran (50% kid, 50% wool) and Fleece Artist Curly Locks (78% kid mohair, 13% wool, 9% nylon), both in Brick (?) colorway (sorry, guessing on that since the kits are not labeled)

Size made: I combined sizes — Small for bust (40″) and Medium for length (24″)

Needles used: River John Needle Company 7mm birch swing needles and Addi Turbo 7mm 16″ circular needle

Project start date: September 8th
Project end date: September 19th

Project cost: Unknown – kit was a birthday gift from Muff

Notes: I have to say that this was the fastest sweater I’ve ever knit!  (Well, the Tomato was a close second.)  This has to do with both the simplicity of the pattern and the large needle size. The entire garment is knit in a garter rib stitch, so as you’re knitting, it looks like it’s going to be too small. THIS GARMENT BENEFITS FROM BLOCKING! I soaked it in water and Kookaburra Wool Wash for 30 minutes, rolled it in a large towel to soak out the spare water, then pinned it down to dry. The sleeves especially needed some opening up for me; I have narrow arms and they were still snug in the circumference. But, the stitch has a lot of stretch, so damp blocking took care of that.

This cardigan is especially warm, even though it is lightweight. The stick brooch is made by Perl Grey and works with the cardigan perfectly. I highly recommend this kit!



  1. It looks great Kim. (And what a super friend you have.)

  2. It looks really lovely on you – great job!

  3. Wow, that’s beautiful. It fits really well, I like how the back gives you sort of a V shape. Very well shaped and nicely done. Just because of this, you need to go fix your car now!!!!

  4. WOW!! It’s amazing! You did a great job!

  5. I have the same kit but I can’t figure out the cast-on. Is there a website with photos? I just can’t get it!!

  6. Thanks so much for posting a summary of this kit! Beautiful job. I am just about to start one myself…but am planning to do it on a circular intead of swing needles.

    May I asked how you measured the swatch? I’ve done up a two-yarn swatch in garter stitch — it that what you did?

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