Posted by: Kim | September 12, 2007

Lady of the Lake cardigan progress

I’m pleased with how quickly this project is moving along. Knitting on 7mm needles certainly helps, but the stitch pattern is simple and the construction even more so. Here’s a shot of the body after blocking.

Lady of the Lake body

I decided to block the body before proceeding with the shoulder seams and sleeves so that I could ensure that the final sizing was correct. I chose to knit the medium size for length, and the small for bust size. It seemed that it wasn’t going to be long enough, but once the piece was damp, that definitely wasn’t an issue—plenty of stretch in that garter rib stitch when it’s knit sideways like this!

Once of the interesting things about this project is that I’m using swing needles from River John Needle Company to knit the body and collar. You can use a circular instead, but I decided to give the swing needle a try since I had to order the 7mm size anyway. Basically, the needles have points on both ends, and each has their own ball that acts as a stopper. The ball can be removed from one end and placed on the other to allow you to knit from either direction. Since I’m changing between two yarns every other row, here’s how it works:

  • ROW 1: Knit Yarn 1 in pattern from right to left. Garment will now be on right-hand needle with ball on right end of needle. Move ball to left end of needle where you stopped with Yarn 1. Go back to start of row on right end.
  • ROW 2: Knit Yarn 2 in pattern from right to left. Garment will now be on right-hand needle with ball on right end of needle. Turn work. Repeat.

Hopefully that makes sense. It’s actually not that tough once you’re used to it. Following is a photo (left) of the body in progress on one of the needles right before starting Row 1. The photo on the right is a comparison of the tip of the swing needle versus the tip of the same size Addi Turbo circular. I really like how the yarn grips the birch, but you really have to watch when knitting the Curlylocks as it’s a boucle and it’s very easy to get that sharp tip inserted into the loops.

Swing needle process 7mm needle points

I should be seaming the shoulders and starting the sleeves tomorrow, once the body has completely dried.



  1. ICANHAZCHEEZBURGER!!11eleventyone!!



  2. I like the idea of those swing needles. Keen to see this one finished. Your knitting is always so lovely.

  3. Ohh, can’t wait to see it all finished up!

  4. love the colors.

  5. I just started this pattern, but using the 7mm needles, my gauge is 4 sts/inch instead of 2.5 sts. Did you get gauge or adjust the maths?

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