Posted by: Kim | September 11, 2007

Lest we forget

September 11thAs I now watch the MSNBC replay of the events on Tuesday, September 11th, six years ago, the horror of that morning comes flooding back as if it were yesterday. Remembering the disbelief and paralysis of thought that we all experienced that morning—it’s something I never wish to live through again.

Coincidentally, I’ve found myself scheduled to fly on September 11th twice since 2001—to Taipei in 2004 and from Minneapolis to San Diego last year. I’ve never been superstitious about flying on that date, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit to thinking about 2001 as I boarded the flight.

I’m not one to bring political discussion to this blog—there are enough people debating Iraq out there right now. But it is important for Americans to remember what happened this day six years ago and the innocent victims. Remember the following days and weeks when all of us banded together, placing American flag stickers on our cars and hanging the flag outside of our homes and businesses. Remember that feeling of oneness, regardless of our beliefs.



  1. I will always remember this day. It’s my mom’s birthday. Eeeech!

  2. Well said baby

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