Posted by: Kim | September 6, 2007

Lady Eleanor Stole distraction

So here I am, waiting for my Addi Turbo Lace circular needle to arrive so I can begin my Tuscany Shawl project.  Not to mention my Ravelry invite.  What to do with my free time? Swatch for a project that’s not even in my queue!

Lady Eleanor StoleI’ve been wanting to do the Lady Eleanor Stole from Scarf Style since I bought this book. The problem was that I was visually in love with the La Lana wool that was used for the sample in the book, but the cost was very prohibitive for me, and I didn’t have any other yarn in mind at the time. Thus, I backburned this in favor of other projects.

When I went to my LYS last week to order my needle, I noticed that they were now stocking Noro Silk Garden. And then I saw color 244, which I fell in love with. Now imagine my plight. I vowed not to buy any yarn on this trip; no credit card purchases for me today. If I were to buy all of the yarn for Lady Eleanor, that would be an easy $150. And what if I didn’t like the colorway in entrelac? Answer? I bought one ball to swatch. And paid cash! I practically patted myself on the back on the way out the door! (I think you see why I’m call the “Queen of Justification” in our house.)

So, I swatched a smaller section of entrelac over the last two days to check gauge and the color. I used 10.5 needles, as called out in the pattern, and I literally knit until I ran out of yarn.

Silk Garden entrelac sample




  1. You will never get bored of knitting entrelac with Noro silk garden. I have done 2 of them so far. I think the colors are great on that swatch! I would not wait too long on buying the rest if you like it, there can be vast differences even with the same dye lot. Though if you can see that ahead of time, you can intersperse different dye lots easily as the entrelac hides it well!

    Isn’t the blue just the prettiest on that swatch? I love it!

  2. That entrelac is beautiful! I want to try that!!!

  3. Love it!

  4. i love entrelac, it feels like you’re doing magic.

  5. Aiiiiiyyyyyy……… you are putting me in a predicament too!!! Noro is beautiful, but it’s so expensive. I dunno, how important is knitting the stole to you?

    Have you been a good girl lately? If you have, reward yourself and go buy the rest, if not, slap yourself on the hand, continue finishing your projects and buy the yarn next month?

    I dunno!!!

  6. I knitted my lady E in Patons SWS. Its a much more affordable choice and really, the lady E is a show stopper no matter what yarn you use.

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