Posted by: Kim | September 4, 2007

September = Labor Day = 108 Degrees!

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, we usually had decent weather over Labor Day weekend. I’d spend the holiday being excited about starting school on Tuesday, while wishing my summer vacation would last just a bit longer. The new school clothes were hanging in the closet–cute sweaters with ribbon, corduroy pants in a pale pastel blue–I couldn’t wait to wear my new fall clothes. It may not be raining yet, but the temperature was going to be moderate enough to jump into fall wear PDQ.

And now in my adult life, there are weekends like this one. Southern California experiencing a record heat wave, and there are no clothes anywhere in my closet that make me comfortable enough for temperatures like these. It was 105° F (40.5° C) on Sunday, then it got even warmer on Monday, topping out at 108° F (42° C) on Monday. And with the 32% humidity, said it felt like 111°! It was so hot, even the ants were trying to get in our house (no joke—DH and I were running around spraying inside and out trying to stem the tide). We spent both days sitting as still as possible, especially when the power company issued a plea for conservation to avoid rolling blackouts. I know we didn’t want to lose our AC, so we bumped it up to 80°, then turned off anything else unnecessary and moved as little as possible. That made for an exciting holiday weekend—NOT!  Kato was just lucky enough to fly out on Saturday to a cooler northern clime for a couple of weeks!

Lizard Ridge squaresSo, what do you do with yourself then? Well, no more avoiding my “getting ready for Ravelry” tasking. I sat and logged/photographed my entire stash and uploaded it to Flickr. Not that I have a huge amount of stuff, but that was a big undertaking. Plus I found stuff I forgot I had in the closet. Once I finished it was on to knitting. What to do? Now that the stash was clearly logged, I could see what I had plans for starting. I didn’t want to start a sweater and I’m still waiting on my Addi Turbo Lace needle for my Tuscany Shawl, so the only thing left was to knit two more squares for the Lizard Ridge. Yuck—Noro Kureyon scratchy wool on a really hot day! I did it anyway, and now I can officially say I’m halfway through my 24 squares. Please pardon the rolled edges—they still need blocking. This may be the longest project I’ve ever worked on; I started nine months ago. But, it makes a great fill-in project if you buy balls of yarn here and there.

OK, enough shirking of duties. I have some dead ants to vacuum up downstairs.



  1. Can’t see the pictures……. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  2. wow @ ur lizard ridge blanket thing!!!!

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