Posted by: Kim | August 31, 2007

Just when it was hot enough…

…the thunderstorms show up. Of course, this does not mean that it won’t be 90+ degrees again today. Now it’s just going to be more muggy!

morning rainIt’s not often that we experience thunderstorms in our neck of the woods—they usually stick to the deserts and mountains, but this morning was a rare treat. We woke to the sound of thunder. Not so bad until you hear the big, fat raindrops hitting your patio, then you wonder if the car windows are rolled up! After a bit of scrambling to check, I got to enjoy my coffee during the super-quick storm, and now it’s on to the day’s tasks.

I’m on deck to take photos of my latest knitting projects. Unfortunately, they’re both birthday gifts that I can’t post about yet until they’re received, so I’ll just upload to Flickr and keep them private in the meantime. The third gift is nearly done (yes, count ’em — three birthdays in September!). Suffice to say that all of a sudden, you’ll be seeing a new project summary out every week for three weeks. And no, I only wish I were that prolific!

I can say that I frogged the Tuscany shawl in the meantime. I wasn’t happy with my cast on, and I ordered an Addi Turbo Lace circular to use when I start again. Yes, I’m a convert! I bought one for one of the gift projects and I LOVED how well it worked for lace knitting. Also, I do have two new balls of Noro Kureyon for the Lizard Ridge afghan, so I may work on those this weekend. I’m really dragging on completing that project.  And now that I’m about to cross below the 2,000 mark for my Ravelry invite, I’d better get started on photographing my stash!

Well, off to more secret knitting. Have a happy Labor Day weekend!



  1. Thanks for the add! if you are ever in sonoma please look me up…..


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