Posted by: Kim | August 17, 2007

Universal Toe Up Socks project summary

Colinette Toe Up Socks

Pattern: Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula, by Amy Swenson

Source: Knitty, Summer 2006

Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug (100% merino easy care wool) in Blue Parrot (16) colorway, one hank

Needles used: Size 1 Addi Turbo circulars

Project start date: Some time in June (it’s a blur)
Project end date: August 9th

Project cost: $21.50 for one hank (nearly all of it used)

Notes: Ok, I’m going to come out and admit that this is not my favorite pair of completed socks.

On the plus side, I learned a new technique (short-row toes and heels) and I’d never completed a toe-up pair before (score one for new skills). I also really loved watching the colors change while I slogged through all of this stockinette stitch. It helped keep my interest through the project. The yarn has a nice feel as well, so I recommend it on that basis.

On the negative side, I chose to go “toe-up” based on a lot of blog posts out there that the Jitterbug 100g hanks seem a bit short on the yardage (267m/292 yd) to fully complete a pair of socks. Now I have size 9-1/2 feet and wanted at least a 7″ leg, so I thought to be on the safe side I should heed these warnings. I split the hank in half, then proceeded to knit from the other end—I would go until I ran out of yarn and just live with the resulting leg length. Guess what? I didn’t run out. So, if you’re doing a plain sock with this yarn, I think you’ll be fine.

I also learned my first lesson on BINDING OFF LOOSELY for the cuff. I’ve never had a problem with my cast on being elastic enough to allow the sock to slip over my heel, but apparently my bind off needed some work. And if you think you’re doing it loose enough, than you’re probably not.  Also, my jury is still out about the short-row technique.  I think I have to give it a try on at least one more project before I decide if I don’t like knitting it.

I have to confess that this was literally the third pattern I started with this yarn, so that probably didn’t help how I’m feeling right now about these socks.  There always seemed to be something (pattern error, short yardage concerns) to get me to frog and start again.  There was no “zen” feeling with these socks.  (It’s like the boyfriend that you keep dating because he’s really hot looking, but you continue to overlook his jackass behavior because you “really want it to work out”—c’mon, he’s hot, right?)  I think that once our 90+ degree days go away, I’ll slip these on in the morning with my coffee in hand and learn to love them.  Time always heals these types of wounds.



  1. Nice socks! I see you’re using my finished objects template!

  2. I sure am–it rocks that much! 🙂

  3. i’ve been waiting to get my hands on some jitterbug!

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