Posted by: Kim | August 2, 2007

An FO for my best friend

I finished the Knitting Pure & Simple V-Neck Cardigan last night. I think the only person that may be more excited than myself is probably Muff, since this FO is for her. I’ve got a photo shot of the sweater, but I’m not going to post the project summary until she’s received the box up in Seattle. After all, I think it’s only fair she gets to set her eyes on it in person before the rest of the world, as this was a commissioned project.

Commissioned, you say?

Why yes, I did receive a VERY fine payment for my time. (Shh—just don’t tell her I would have done it for free!) Muff was kind enough to add two hanks of Sea Silk (Peridot colorway) to my stash.

Sea Silk hanks

Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m planning on knitting the Tuscany shawl from No Sheep For You book with this beautiful yarn. For now, I’m just content with stroking and smelling it. I cannot wait to work on this project.

Well, I have a box to pack and run to the post office. Ciao!



  1. That yarn is SO pretty!!!!!

  2. Ooooh, I need to try that sea silk………

  3. sea silk! how fancy.

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