Posted by: Kim | July 23, 2007

Miles of stockinette stitch

What do you do for a project after you knit and crochet small baby clothes and a lace pattern cardigan?  Why, you pick up a project that doesn’t require you to think.  You just knit, knit, knit away in stockinette.  Miles and miles of stockinette.  I think this is the point when knitters pick up listening to podcasts for entertainment.  Now I get it.

I’m currently working on the Knitting Pure & Simple V Neck Shaped Cardigan #241 for Muff.  She picked up some fantastic Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Tiger’s Eye Mix when we were shopping for yarn in Seattle back in February.  Since work has kept her too busy to knit this up for the fall, I agreed to take on the project in trade for some stash yarn.  Besides, I just sit around the house all day waiting for potential buyers, so I need to do something with my time after the daily cleaning!  This is my second KP&S pattern.  I really do like the quick, top-down construction of these sweaters.  Also, the yarn is a dream to knit with.  I’ll have pictures for the FO project summary (trust me, all this stockette crammed on a 24″ circular is NOT much to look at right now).  I’ll also share a technique I tried for the first time on this project and now I’m a true believer in it!

Off to get my second cup of coffee and my knitting.  As Homer Simpson would say, “Mmm.  Stockinette stitch!”



  1. You ROCK! Thank you so much–I can’t wait to wear it! 🙂

  2. What do you do for a project after you knit and crochet small baby clothes and a lace pattern cardigan?…..Now I get it.

    No! You don’t get IT at all. Socks! It’s the word of the day! It’s the future! The future is socks, S-O-C-K-S.

    And Muff, you know I love you, but…shut your pie-hole. Sheesh!

    Kato the neglected

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