Posted by: Kim | July 12, 2007

And now, a small knitting intermission

Since I’m waiting for my yarn to arrive so I can finish the Tulip Baby Sweater (and I’m too lazy to work on my socks and afghan), I thought I’d post on a non-knitting topic today.

I celebrated my first anniversary of being free of Corporate America last week. Ironically that date is July 3rd, immediately before our Independence Day holiday of July 4th. Hmm…coincidence? I think not.

Being at home 24/7 gives you an opportunity to be a voyeur of sorts into what happens around your house when you’re not home. The 800/866 numbers that call your land line and never leave messages, what time UPS comes down your street each day (Brown! 11:30am!), and what your pets do with their time. In the case of the pugs, it’s more like what they DON’T do.

After much stealthy stalking, I was finally able to capture this photo to show you all one of their favorite sleeping positions.

Pug spooning

This picture was much harder to take than you’d think. Geddy (on the right) could sleep right through a freight train moving through the family room, but Piccolo (left) wakes at the sound of a twig snapping. I wasn’t so much surprised that they slept a lot during the day. I think I’m more enamoured of the number of positions and locations they find to sleep.

The most surprising thing I learned is that Piccolo is a habitual sun bather. Every day around midday time, he’ll leave the comfortable environs of the family room to shoot out the dog door and catch some quality sun rays in the back yard.

Piccolo sunbathing

He doesn’t make it too long out there, though. Ten minutes later and he’s coming back in with the tongue hanging, but it’s a rutual! Geddy? Still sprawled out in his daily location of choice, eyes rolled up back into his head and snoring loudly. He couldn’t be bothered to move outside so he could overheat himself.

I wonder how Piccolo is going to handle the climate change after we move? I may have to buy him a sun lamp!



  1. LOL! That pic is TOO FUNNY!

  2. Such cute little guys!

  3. AWWWWWW. cute <333

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