Posted by: Kim | June 26, 2007

Status of the Fitzroy project

Ok, I have to confess that I finished the sleeves and blocked them last week. All of the pieces have been draped over the back of the office futon ever since, while I do my daily housecleaning (yes, daily—this house-selling thing is overrated) and dork around doing other things like adding to my stash at my LYS and starting a pair of socks for the third time with my Colinette Jitterbug. But I digress and that’s best saved for the next post.

Here’s what I’m now staring at with my morning cup of coffee:

Fitzroy flat

I have yarn needle in hand. I just need to sit down there on that floor and get started. Really, it’s actually quite irrational to hate finishing work this much. I’m too cheap to pay someone, so I just have to get over it.

Besides, I told myself that once I finish this I can start the Tulip Baby Sweater kit that arrived from Lettuce Knit yesterday. I’m sure you read about it on Yarn Harlot’s blog. I already took the yarn out of the bag and groped it for awhile last night, but fortunately I don’t have the right length of circulars to start. That ought to keep me honest!



  1. Thanks for leaving my first comment! I love the pink you’re using for the sweater.

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