Posted by: Kim | May 29, 2007

OMG…we’re really moving!

The events of this weekend truly kicked me in the head–we’re actually going to move! I know we’ve talked about it for quite awhile. Even putting the “For Sale” sign up front last week didn’t do it. What finally did it was our Open House on Sunday and buying a cargo trailer yesterday. Let me recap the week first.

Last Wednesday was a whirlwind. Our agent was conducting a Broker Caravan from her office to view our home. That was two solid hours of cleaning from 7:30-9:30am, then I had to load the dogs in the Explorer to drive away for awhile. Nothing is more challenging than trying to remove all traces of your dogs from your home! Luckily, the bird stayed—I could only imagine the menagerie in the car if he’d gone with us. When I arrived home around 11:00, there were eight business cards on the side table. Then you realize that complete strangers have trooped through your private home.

The photographer arrived that evening to shoot the house, and I have to say that we were really pleased with the photos. Look what he did with our backyard.

Backyard listing photo

I have to admit a moment of second-thought.

The listing hit the Internet on Friday, and we got our first call on Saturday afternoon. Our agent was holding an Open House on Sunday afternoon, so we had another LARGE cleaning session in the morning, then we loaded the dogs and picnic stuff and went to the park for three hours. The turnout was light, but they seemed to be serious buyers. I think the sunburn was worth it. Again, I’m wrestling with the fact that our home is no longer our private sanctuary. In my mind, people are walking through it and evaluating it similar to Designed To Sell on HGTV when the agent does the initial walkthrough and rips the house offers constructive feedback while the homeowners watch remotely. I’m just glad I don’t have to be here to see it. Our feedback, though, seemed to be favorable. Let’s just hope they turn into offers.

Cargo TrailerOn Monday, we purchased an enclosed cargo trailer. We’re going to be moving our own stuff as much as possible, and purchasing the trailer versus renting for each trip was more cost effective. If we really get jammed on time, we’ll rent a Budget truck for the last of the big stuff. I looked into PODS and ABF, but my concern is their ability to deliver the stuff where we’re storing it until we buy something. It’s out in the middle of nowhere with a nasty driveway and a particular 180 degree hairpin turn that I don’t think they could negotiate. And we don’t want to pay for storage in town. Plus, now we have to trailer to move ourselves again once we find a home.

With all of the house and move activities, the Fitzroy cardigan progress has slowed. I started the left front panel at the park on Sunday and I’ve only completed two repeats of the pattern so far. I’ll see how much more I can accomplish this week around my new daily cleaning routine.



  1. Are we going to tell kato?………

  2. wow! you’d think nighttime photos would be kinda sketchy, but that is gorgeous!

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