Posted by: Kim | May 2, 2007

Monkey sock update

While the Monkey socks are progressing, I’m not moving as fast as I’d like with them. This is due to all of the spring cleaning/painting I’ve been doing. I don’t want to bore you any longer with mundane details of painting, but I’ve now renamed the white paint I’m using from “Polar Bear” to a vulgar expletive that I shall not mention on this PG-rated post. However, if you’re truly interested in knowing what the new name is, e-mail me from my “About” page and I’ll send you the paint can label that I updated in Photoshop. Yes, that’s how truly insane this paint is making me (or perhaps I’m breathing too many paint fumes).

In order to provide a somewhat visual update on my sock progress, I am posting a macro shot of the pattern on the completed first sock. Call it a teaser of things to come. I know I said I wouldn’t do this until the set was complete, but I think a pattern shot shouldn’t count. Don’t you?

Monkey detail



  1. wowserz! how fancy! im glad you shared 🙂 that lil’ bit shouldn’t count ne way.

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