Posted by: Kim | April 24, 2007

Signs of a sick mind

Would it be going too far to frog four rounds of gusset knitting on the Monkey sock if you happen to notice that you picked up three stitches incorrectly? And yes, they’re in the first pick up section, not the second. You can see where I picked up one thread too low on these.

Monkey sock mistake

I mean, really—who’s going to notice those all the way down near your heel? It’s so minor that you may even forget about them by the time you finish your decreases. Besides, it makes it “homemade” by leaving that kind of mistake in your work. It’s a personal signature, if you will.

BITE THAT! I’ll know it’s there, I’ll look at it every time I put them on my feet. In fact, this sock will be doomed to be the “leftie” sock so that the mistake is on the inside and no one would see it. FROG IT!

(What’s even worse is that I waited to post this until after I fixed it so that all you crazy people couldn’t talk me out of it. MWAH, HA, HA, HA!!!!!!)



  1. I totally would have frogged it. I can’t stand my own mistakes even if it is in something as simple as a dishcloth. Others I am much more forgiving of!

  2. If you didn’t frog it I would wonder who you were and what did you do with my friend????

  3. i frogged a sock last night for the same reason…. if it was for someone else and i never saw it again, i probably would have let it go. but they were for me and i would have seen it every time i looked at them, it would have eventually led to some awful downward spiral if i had left those two holes in the gusset. i would stop going to work, and sit at home and rock back and forth to the blue glow of the tv while whispering “nasty gusset!” over and over again. :0)

  4. What is this ‘Frog’ you speak of? Some sort of pagan knitting ritual, no doubt…

    KnitXcore: 10/10 for your post – I laughed out loud.

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