Posted by: Kim | April 22, 2007

April showers bring May flowers (and lots of cleaning)

Happy Earth Day!


I wish I could say that I’ve been blogless for the last week due to all of the cool knitting projects I’ve been working on, but not so. The majority of my time has been taken up by interior painting/cleaning in the house. There must be something in the spring air! We’ve been in this place nearly nine years, and it’s time for sprucing up. I’ve always detested the grey-white that was used on our doors and stair railings, as it didn’t contrast well with the original light yellow we had painted the walls when we moved in. So, I had a brilliant idea to paint all of the contrasting doors and railings in “Polar Bear.” It’s as white as I could find at Home Depot. I finished the first coat on the railings a week ago, and I had to force myself to start the second coat this week. As you can see from the photo, there were over 100 of those stinking rods to paint. This was almost as bad worse than scraping the bathroom floor.


I finished the second coat on the rods themselves, and today I’m hammering out the hand rails and base below the rods. Then everyone in the house will need to wear gloves all of the time so there are no dirty fingerprints–HA!

Yesterday was spent taking down the wood blinds from the second story windows on the south side to clean the window and oil the blinds. This isn’t an easy task, as you have to drag the extension ladder out and no one in this house enjoys heights. Thus, why the blinds haven’t been cleaned or oiled in 8 1/2 years! This was a 6-hour project in itself.

Upper windows

These blinds were literally the first thing we purchased when we bought the house. Facing the southern sun in August for 6+ hours during 100-degree days without window coverings…well, you can imagine how expensive our A/C bill turned out to be, let along the fact that you needed to wear sunglasses INSIDE the house! We had the forethought to have the auto-adjust feature installed on these, which allows you to tilt them using a remote control. (Yes, this is how you get your DH interested in house decor–buy stuff that involves using a remote control.) The downside is it requires us to change the AA batteries in them every couple of years.

Obviously no time for knitting, huh? To keep myself from going insane, I picked up my last ball of Noro Kureyon in the closet to knit another square for the Lizard Ridge afghan. That makes 10 complete and 11 to go. I’ll post a picture of them sometime this week. I also pulled a ball of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock (in Martha’s Vineyard colorway) that I bought back in September from my trip to Minneapolis. Yes, this is the same yarn I attempted my first sock pattern with, but I frogged it due to how slippery it was. Now that I have three other pairs under my belt, I’m ready to tackle this again.

CTH Supersock

I’ve started the Monkey socks from Knitty (I think Cookie A.’s patterns are totally inspired). I’m going to be a complete knitting tease and hold off the pic for the blog until they hit FO stage. The in-process pictures wouldn’t do them justice.

Off to paint more white!


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