Posted by: Kim | March 18, 2007

House karma

For every two projects that you complete in your home, you will be presented with an additional unplanned project.

I truly believe this.  As I painted the exterior trim on the house, and hung new blinds in the garage, the washer/dryer (take your pick) decided to stop working.  This week was another example.  I finally completed the last task in the half bathroom (caulking the toilet base) and spent the last six days painting the office and installing mirrored closet doors.  Within hours of the door installation being complete, the 10-year-old water heater decided to spring a leak somewhere along the inside flue pipe.  While the heater had only been leaking water onto the garage floor and out the door for no more than 90 minutes by the time I found it, it still managed to soak the ledge enough that the textured plaster had to be scrapped away and fans have been running since Friday night to dry out the space.  I was lucky enough to get a last shower in so that the tank could be drained as much as possible before dumping all that water out into the street.  Thank goodness that Kato was home from work travel, as DH is out of state visiting family this weekend.  I certainly couldn’t have done this project on my own.  After a trip to Home Depot yesterday, the new water heater (an unplanned $289 expense) is sitting in its box waiting to be installed today.  At least we won’t have to be smelly too much longer!

Thanks to home projects, I haven’t had a lot of time for knitting in the last week.  I did finish DH’s first sock, but I’m holding off on a photo until both are done and blocked.  The secret gift using Hand Maiden yarn is nearly finished, so I should be blocking that in the next week or so.  Unfortunately, I can’t post a pic of that until the recipient opens the gift, so it will be awhile.


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