Posted by: Kim | March 2, 2007

Finally home!

Well, the T&L 2007 trip has officially ended for me.  I left Seattle on Monday at the very dark time of 5:30am to drive back to my dad’s house in southern Oregon.  It helped me to beat the traffic out of Seattle, but it didn’t help much with Portland (I hit it at 8:30am).  What was my issue with Portland on this trip?!

The drive should have been about eight hours, but there was a chain requirement that morning on the Sexton Pass on I-5 just south of Roseburg.  Of course I did not have chains for my car.  I spent the entire lunch hour driving around Roseburg looking for chains for my 17″ Z-rated Michelin tires with no luck.  (Why did I buy these %#$@# fancy tires anyway?)  The delay did help me out as the requirement lifted while I was looking, so I set off without them.  It was snowing for about 30 miles between Canyonville and Merlin, but I made it.  I definitely needed refreshments for the visit after that drive, so I made a quick stop at Ray’s Market in Gold Hill and I was off on the last stretch.

I had a wonderful visit with the family.  The original plan was for me to stay two nights so that I could help them prune the grape vines along the garden fence, but thanks to the snow, that would have to wait.  On Tuesday morning, I awoke to a beautiful view of sunshine and light snow on the ground.

Snow at 7am

That was at 7am.  About 4 1/2 hours later, it was more like this:

Snow at 11:30am

Ok, so maybe I wouldn’t be driving back to San Diego the next day.  The I-5 Siskiyou pass south of Ashland into California had been having even worse conditions than what I experienced the day before.  We spent the afternoon in the snow, marking canes with ties for pruning at a later date, then I called DH and Kato and told them I’d be leaving on Thursday.  Wednesday was then spent driving around Medford looking for chains, because you all know that other saying—if you buy them, you will not need them.

I finally got on the road on Thursday at 10:30am, and did the long 13 1/2 hour drive home.  I literally only stopped for rest area bathroom breaks (total of 3), gas fill ups (2) and Starbucks (1).  And no, I didn’t need the chains.  I told you!

I spent today unpacking and doing laundry, sorting through the yarn loot I brought home, and generally enjoying the warm temperatures in the 60’s.  I’ll have more updates on the knitting projects this weekend.



  1. I’m glad you had a nice time, i can’t w8 to see what all your (yarn) treasure becomes.

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