Posted by: Kim | February 21, 2007

T&L ’07 Day 5 – Shady Cove to Seattle

Last day on the road!

SunriseWe awoke to a beautiful sunrise, with the morning light highlighting the cloud cover over the Rogue Valley. Today held some rain in our future. The good news is that I finished the Simple Scarf before we left my parent’s house, so now it’s on to the Simple Hat. I’ll have photos of the finished products together later this week.

Rain on I-5We got a bit of a late start, but the drive was going to be all Interstate 5, so no slow tourist driving to contend with. The major problem of the day was rain. There were big downpours between Grants Pass and Roseburg. It was really strange to drive through that kind of weather again.

OSU signThe weather broke just in time for our small detour into Corvallis so we could visit the Oregon State University bookstore. It’s a mandatory visit for either of us when we happen to be traveling into or by Corvallis. Gotta load up on the Beaver gear! It was a successful hour-long shopping spree for both of us.

Simple Hat startMuff took over the driving chores in Corvallis, so I was able to start the Simple Hat. As I slowly plowed through the four inches of ribbing, we entered into Portland just before 5pm. You know what that means—commute time! We took the I-205 spur, but still lost some time with the backups. And I was slowly losing knitting light! I stubbornly continued through my K2 P2 ribbing as it became darker and darker. Southern Washington is not heavily populated after Vancouver, so eventually I ran out of freeway lights to catch glimples of what I was doing. I eventually had to put the knitting away and wait out the last couple of hours on the road without multi-tasking. Arg!

We pulled in shortly after 8pm to 35 degree weather–brrrr! We finally arrived! I promise to get some good yarn porn posted this week during my visit in Seattle.


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