Posted by: Kim | February 21, 2007

T&L ’07 Day 4 – Eureka to Shady Cove

Day Four dawned without the wind and with sun (another day without rain!). It was still nippy outside, but after visiting the Starbucks drive-through in Eureka, we were ready for the road. Continuing up the 101, we drove through some more beautiful redwood groves. The cloud cover began to move in as we came to the Trees of Mystery. For anyone who has visited this tourist stop, the first thing you’d remember are the giant statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox by the parking lot. I stopped here three years ago with Dieter on my solo trip to Oregon for a photo op that reminded me of a visit when I was a kid. Muff missed stopping here on her way through this area last fall, so we pulled in for a photo and a cruise through the gift shop.

Paul and Babe

Leave it to Muff to point out something I had never noticed before—Babe is anatomically correct. I thought I was going to split a gut. Once she said something, then I couldn’t NOT notice. My friend…she’s nuts.

We cruised on through Crescent City, then turned off on Hwy 199. This drive is so gorgeous, as it starts in a redwood grove, then you emerge from the trees to parallel the Smith river RIGHT NEXT TO THE ROAD. It was a great finish to California.

We made a pit stop at Del Rio Vineyards for wine to bring to my folk’s house, then continued on to Shady Cove for the night. It sure was nice having a family visit and not staying in a hotel after three days! I did get some more knitting in on the Simple Scarf—only 4 inches more to go!


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