Posted by: Kim | February 19, 2007

T&L ’07 Day 3 – Santa Rosa to Eureka

Day 3 was a relatively easy day from a drive perspective. We only had 225 miles to do on the 101, so we allowed ourselves a slower start out of the hotel in the morning. After loading up on Starbucks, we hit the road. The highlight of the drive was the Redwood groves about an hour outside of Eureka. We took the 31-mile Avenue of the Giants through the Humboldt Redwoods State Park. What a gorgeous drive!

Redwoods 1Redwoods 2Redwoods 3

The weather was sunny, but much cooler than the day before, with temperatures in the low 50’s and gusty wind.

After checking in the hotel in Eureka and eating Dinner, Muff and I settled in for some quality knitting time with the fireplace in our room. Yes, a fireplace! Do you think we could get the thing started? Once we called the desk, they informed us that the thermostat on the wall was the control. OK, our room was too warm—we needed to get the temperature down to enjoy the flames. We opened our sliding glass door facing the bay to cool it down. You’d think with the upper 40’s temperatures and wind blowing at 13mph with 26mph gusts, we’d have fire in no time. No dice. We finally gave up at 9:30 and went to sleep.

Imagine my surprise when Muff awoke me in the dark with a “check it out.” Yes, the fireplace was actually running at 12:44am!


So, the fireplace was used as a heater. It proceed to turn itself on and off through the night, which I found very disturbing. When I woke around 6am, it was on and I debate getting the knitting out to finally get my ambiance, but the stinking thing shut off again.

On the knitting front, I started Lady of the Lake last night and experienced gauge problems that I didn’t feel like fighting. I swatched for Pea Pod and was dead on (yah!), but was too tired to cast on to start. I finally fell back to the Simple Scarf to keep me busy until bed time. I’ve only got 4-5 inches left to go on that project, which is fortuitous considering I’ll probably need it in Seattle!


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