Posted by: Kim | February 15, 2007

Thelma & Louise ’07 — Road Trip!!

Ah, the time has finally arrived.  The lure of the open road, promises of impetuous knitting and frivolous wine drinking are calling my name.  It must be Thelma & Louise ’07!

For those of you who have been reading my blog since this last fall, you may recall the stained glass window that I was working on finishing for my best friend, Muff.  It took me five long years (a seriously overdue birthday gift), but now that it’s complete, it is ready to hang proudly in its new home in Seattle.  I am not willing to ship it, so Muff is flying down here to San Diego today and we will be driving it up to her house over a five day span starting on Friday.  We’re heading up the California coastline to San Francisco, spending a solid day in wine country (Napa and Sonoma), then continuing up Hwy 101 until Crescent City.  At that point we’ll be cutting over on Hwy 199 into Southern Oregon, stopping by my family’s home to crash for a night.  Then it’s the long drive up I-5 to Seattle with a stop at the Oregon State University bookstore to break up the monotony.  I’ll be staying in Seattle for a week, then I’ll head back down south, stopping again at the folks in Southern Oregon for a couple of days.  I’m planning that I’ll be back in SD by March 1st.  While on the road, I’ll be using my T-Mobile Hotspot to keep the blog updated with our adventures.

I’ve already talked to Muff this morning at the SeaTac Airport and she has her knitting projects packed for the road.  I’m still throwing my stuff together today (always a procrastinator).  I think I’ve packed enough knitting to last me a month:  sock yarn for two pairs of socks, two more balls of Noro Kureyon for Lizard Ridge, the Simple Scarf and Hat that is in process, and my large project based on your votes.  The final results were:

Lady of the Lake Cardigan – 3
Pea Pod Cardigan – 2

Ok, I couldn’t help myself.  I’m bringing both, but I’m going to start Lady of the Lake first!  You never know if I’m going to get trapped somewhere and need more projects!  Plus, I’ve pouched some cash for fine yarn shopping with Muff while in Washington, so I’m going to be swimming in yarn.

I’ve gotta run to get my packing completed.  See you on the road!



  1. So I was wondering if you could a small little detour to Michigan to pick up a very cold knitter who is in desperate need of some wine tasting?

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