Posted by: Kim | February 14, 2007

Visual history of a half-bath

It’s interesting to see the phases that one room in your home moves through from the time you purchase your house and as your style and tastes change.  Now that I’ve finished the half bath remodel project, I took the time today to review that history through pictures.  Over eight years, the only remaining items are the sink and the toilet.  And my, how paint and fixtures will change a room!

Half bath history

The view on the far left in sunshine yellow is how the room looked when we bought our home.  If you look carefully in the very top of the photo, you can see the Mickey Mouse wallpaper border.  Nice, huh?  Being that this is the bath that guests use when visiting and the larger fact that the yellow gave you a splitting headache every time you walked into that 5’x5′ room, it was imperative that we paint immediately.

The middle photo is the version of the bathroom that we lived with for the last eight years.  It was my only attempt at sponge texturing with paint in the entire house and we were happy with it.  Note the dark southwestern feel of the fixtures.  Not bad, but as we slowly worked our way through the rest of the house upgrades, we switched to nickel fixtures.  Thus, this room ended up being a bit of an orphan over time.  Luckily, the water damage to the original vinyl flooring gave us the needed reason to remodel again.

The last photo on the right is the new remodel.  We miss the textured walls, but the color of green just didn’t work with the flooring we had selected to install.  I went with the pale yellow color that was used in the majority of the house instead.  All in all, we’re really happy with the changes.

To give you a different perspective on how drastic the change was to the floor, here’s the before and after shots where the toilet and sink used to be.

Bath floor beforeBath floor after

I’m just relieved that I finished this overhaul before my departure on Friday.  Yes, I’ll finally talk about T&L ’07 in tomorrow’s post.  Road trip!



  1. hehehe! the towel ring even changed 🙂

  2. I’m so anal, huh? 🙂

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