Posted by: Kim | February 9, 2007

Drum roll, please!

Yes, here is the big announcement…

I finished the Star Stitch baby blanket yesterday!  (Much rejoicing and dancing inserted here.)  Here is this morning’s photo of said blanket.

Star Stitch Baby Blanket

The approximate size is 46″ long by 34″ wide.  The main field of the blanket is done entirely in a star stitch pattern, alternating every two rows between the white and varigated yarns.  The borders are 5 rows of garter stitch in white.  I’m not planning on doing a Project summary on this one, but I do have more info on the yarn and needles used with the photo in my Flickr project folder.

So, now I need to decide what large project to start next.  I’m planning on taking either the Lady of the Lake cardigan or the Pea Pod cardigan with me on the T&L ’07 trip next week, but I cannot decide which one to do.

Lady of the LakePea Pod Cardigan

Please vote in the comments section if you have a preference—I could sure use the input!

As far as the bathroom project is going, I finished the concrete scraping and installed the new tile yesterday.  I’ll be putting in base molding and the threshold today, then the sink and toilet go back in tomorrow.  I should have a final project photo after this weekend.  I’ll be really glad to get that finished.



  1. I like the blankie…. it looks like argyle almost! I heart that peapod sweater too… you should make that one 🙂

  2. I’m partial to the one on the left but it may just because I like the color – blanket lools great!

  3. Big Sis: Go with the sweater on the left as I think you will wear it more often. Perfect for the NW spring and summertime nights. 🙂

    Love ya!!

  4. Pea Pod!

  5. Lady of the Lake – hand’s down. Or more socks for me…mmm…Kato likes socks….

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