Posted by: Kim | February 6, 2007

I’d knit 100 baby blankets…

As long as I didn’t have to do this again:

Bath floor before scraping

The priming and painting in the half bath was completed yesterday afternoon and the vinyl sheet flooring removal was next.  I cut up and peeled the surface stuff off last night, then proceeded to use the floor scraper on it.  At about 11am this morning, I decided there had to be an easier way to get this stuff up.  It was much easier with the sharper edge of a utility knife, so I picked up a wall scraper (used to scrap wallpaper with a 4″ razor blade edge) at Home Depot.  Much better!  I highly recommend using one of these tools if you ever get yourself into a similar project.  Now I have to use the chemical stuff to remove the last of the adhesive this afternoon, then it’s air-dry time for the concrete for a couple of days to be sure it’s ready for the new floor.

Speaking of the baby blanket, I hit 42″ this morning.  Yipee!  Since I have to wait on the concrete floor to dry, I think I may try to finish it tomorrow.



  1. […] I wish I could say that I’ve been blogless for the last week due to all of the cool knitting projects I’ve been working on, but not so.  The majority of my time has been taken up by interior painting/cleaning in the house.  There must be something in the spring air!  We’ve been in this place nearly nine years, and it’s time for sprucing up.  I’ve always detested the grey-white that was used on our doors and stair railings, as it didn’t contrast well with the original light yellow we had painted the walls when we moved in.  So, I had a brilliant idea to paint all of the contrasting doors and railings in “Polar Bear.”  It’s as white as I could find at Home Depot.  I finished the first coat on the railings a week ago, and I had to force myself to start the second coat this week.  As you can see from the photo, there were over 100 of those stinking rods to paint.  This was almost as bad worse than scraping the bathroom floor. […]

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