Posted by: Kim | February 2, 2007

January has closed out as “busy”

I just realized today that I hadn’t posted for a week. Holy cow!

The baby blanket marches on. I’ve reduced myself to a mandatory 10 rows per day to ensure that I finish it before I leave for the Thelma & Louise ’07 road trip with Muff on February 16th (more to come in a later post on that topic). It’s like the Bataan Death March of knitting, but I’m now to 35″ on the body. Only 10.5″ to go before the 5 row garter stitch border! đŸ™‚

My little sis was in town last weekend for a medical conference so she extended her trip for a day and stayed overnight with us on Monday. We had a great time consuming A LOT of wine, so Tuesday was a bit of a recovery day for the household. I’m just glad I didn’t have to get on that plane and fly back to freezing Minneapolis like she did!

Bath 1After the recovery day, I started working on destroying our half bathroom. The flooring needed to be replaced due to water damage, so I’ve learned how to remove a toilet and a pedestal sink over the last couple of days. Today I will be removing the base molding and re-texturing the wall where the sink was attached (yet another new skill). Then I’ll be repainting the room to an extremely light yellow, laying vinyl floor tiles that look like faux stone, then putting new base molding up. Last but not least, I’ll be putting a new fixture on the sink, reinstalling the sink, then the toilet. Bath 2This little project has been on the list of house to-do’s for SIX YEARS, since we put laminate flooring through the rest of the downstairs and stopped at the bathroom. We’ve been living with this raw edge of laminate for quite a long time. And yes, I’ve also got to get this done before February 16th.

On that note, it’s time for me to finish my coffee and get to work.  More updates in a couple of days!


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