Posted by: Kim | January 25, 2007

So thirsty…just…need…water

SandYes, that’s me.  Crawling on my hands and knees, through my personal Sahara desert known as “that #*$ baby blanket.”  Insert your favorite expletive of the moment—I do.  The good news is I hit 23″ this morning.  Only 22.5″ left to go.  I think the shimmering horizon in front of me is the oasis that is fooling me into believing there is actually an end to this thing.  That’s when I’ll finish the body and realize that it’s now time to pick up over 200 stitches on one side to add the garter stitch border.  Then I’ll do it again on the opposite side.  What was I thinking?

On the Simple Scarf front, it has been a rough start.  For all of you kids that want to move to the front of the class, please look carefully at the scarf photo from my last post to discover my cabling error.  Keep looking—it’s hard to see but it’s there.  I didn’t discover that little error until I was a full 13″ into it.  I just didn’t have it in me to drop all of those stitches to correct it.  I figured it would be easier to frog that one entire ball and start over again.  As of tonight, I’m back to 13″ again.  Ah, two days of work to get back to the place where I was after two days of work.  I’m going in circles.

Hmmmm…crawling through the sand AND doing circles at the same time.  Not good, not good at all.


  1. ugh! i hate making baby blankets! I wish it didn’t feel so much like work 😦 I’d much rather wprk on something for myself! does that make me a bad person? hehe.

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