Posted by: Kim | January 19, 2007

Mind numbing repetition

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since my last post.  I think it was because I’m under the influence of this:

Star stitch baby blanket

It’s the baby blanket I’m making as a gift.  I have to have it completed by the end of February and it’s about a third done now.  The problem is knitting 45 inches of the same thing on sport weight.  Especially after knitting socks and afghan squares.  I’ve truly become A.D.D. and I find my mind wandering to other projects in the queue as I slog my way through this.  God, will it ever end?  Let me get the tape measure out.  Nope, only one more inch since the last time I measured.  Damn!

Ok, I’m putting it down to get some housework done.  Yes, that’s how bad this truly is.


  1. keep the tape measure far wawy!!! it always dissapoints!!!

  2. Yes, I’m going to hide it from myself. Last night I was convinced that it had to be at least two feet and it was only 18″. ARGGGG!! Of course, I showed DH and asked him how long he thought it was and he said, “About 18 inches.” Crap.

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