Posted by: Kim | January 13, 2007

The necessity of fire

Fire is a vital oxidation process that has helped human beings stay warm, as well as cook food products. In the right environment, it induces fellowship, joy, and possibly even sex (think about that nice fire in the fireplace while it’s snowing outside and you have a bottle of wine open).

The flames that bring us heat also provide us something else–the ability to dry your clothes in a gas dryer. If you have no flame, you have no heat. Which is exactly the place I found myself in last Tuesday. You always discover this while you have a load in the dryer, one completed in the washer, and another one queued up. So, I washed the last of it and loaded up for the laundromat down the street. Problem solved in the short term.

Yesterday was spent fixing the problem. Considering we had just dealt with a breakdown of the washer recently, we’re getting pretty good at kicking Deiter out to the curb so we have room to tear apart a major appliance in the garage. Plus, for the dryer to get fixed, we had to drag the washer out again to make room. After much research on the Internet and reading the schematic for the dryer circuitry, I can explain to anyone quite simply how a gas dryer works. I just didn’t know how to ohm out the circuit to determine which part was bad, which is where Kato came in handy. After we determined that the terminal fuse was dead, we shot out to the local Sears part store (we’re actually getting to know that place quite well) and purchased a new fuse for a whopping $11.77. Ladies and gentleman, we have fire!


So, I didn’t get to buy Barbie last month, and I guess Ken will have to wait for awhile, too. (Yes, I did look at new units AGAIN this week. My lust couldn’t overcome the sticker shock.) Since I’m stuck with these guys for awhile, I’ve decided to christen them with the most anti-Barbie and Ken names I could think of. I’d like to introduce you to…

Ethel and Wilbur

Needless to say, I’ve now purchased the repair manuals for both them.



  1. Very nice write up and I’m damn impressed at how you were able to fix Wilbur without costing more than a trip to the laundry mat. Bravo to you both you and Kato. After looking at the picture one question does come to mind……How tall do you have to be to start your darn dryer????


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