Posted by: Kim | January 10, 2007

The Harlow coat is “rifinito”

Even in the face of adversity, I finished the Harlow coat this morning. I say “adversity” because shortly after I posted to the blog yesterday crowing that I’d have this done, I discovered that our gas dryer wasn’t heating any longer. So, I spent my afternoon at the laundromat drying clothes instead of stitching this collar! That’s a problem that I decided will sit in the garage until I finished this coat.

So, I’ve just completed hand-sewing the faux “fur” trim on the edge of the coat as I drank my morning coffee. I’m apologizing up front for the quality of the photos—no one is home to take these, so I had to drag the tripod out of the closet.

Harlow 2Harlow 1

I’m happy with the final product and I can safely say it’s toasty warm with all of that wool. I’ll post a summary of the project later today once I get my info together. I’ll leave you with a close-up shot of the colorway. I really like how these colors work together and the difference between how the two yarns took to the same dye colors.

Harlow close up

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