Posted by: Kim | January 9, 2007

January = completing projects

I have to say that I wish I were smart enough to make “project completion” my New Year’s resolution for this month. I’d already be ahead of the game!

I finally completed the work on the OSU Beaver logo panel for Muff last night. The only remaining task is to build the custom wood frame and stain it. Of course, when I designed this window I didn’t give enough thought to making the outside dimensions a standard size, so now I get to cut up frame stock. Poo! The finished size is 25 1/4″ wide by 20 1/8″ tall. Even with that, I’m still happy with the final piece.

OSU Beaver window

Muff and I are now scheduling our “Thelma & Louise 2007” trip to Seattle for sometime in February to bring Benny home to his final hanging place in her orange living room. I can’t wait!

For you knitters out there, the other project that I’ll be finishing today is the Harlow coat. I completed the trim knitting yesterday morning and will be sewing it to the coat today. I’ll post photos and more on the project tomorrow.

Now I have to get to work on my neglected house. With all of this project work, there are three dirty bathrooms that need attention, piled up laundry and pug hair all over the floor that I’ve ignored for days.


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