Posted by: Kim | January 4, 2007

Notre Dame goes 0-9. Ha, ha, ha!!!

I couldn’t let this one go this morning.  I started on these guys last Friday regarding their pathetic record, but I was willing to possibly believe that Charlie Weis could give them a chance of succeeding in a BCS bowl game—regardless of their strength of schedule this year.  Nope.  LSU pounds them 41-14 in the Sugar Bowl last night.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  As an OSU Beaver, I wouldn’t trade our two bowls wins over the Irish for any amount of money.  But the writing is on the wall.  I personally witnessed the 41-9 thumping by OSU in the 2001 Fiesta Bowl.  Did Notre Dame belong there?  I think all of the Irish fans that streamed out of the stadium during the third quarter would answer “no.”  I also was present for the 38-21 win that the Beavs prevailed in during the 2004 Insight Bowl.  And this is truly a second-tier bowl game.  Believe me, the best product that Notre Dame put on the field during both of those games was the BAND!  I sure hope the BCS pulls their head out next year, since this deplorable method of ranking isn’t going away any time soon.  (Yes, I’m still bitter they bastardized the Rose Bowl.  Any self-respecting Pac-10 fan would be.)  The Irish will be rebuilding next year.  Let’s see if the BCS is drunk enough on the magic Kool-Aid to rank them in the preseason Top 10 again.



  1. er, er…. what are you talking about? Baseball? Basketball? swimming? went way over my head!

  2. 🙂 Kenny, you caught me on a day when the sports geek came out in me. I love my football…

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